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Automation Control Experts ACEX, is a distributor of high precision engineered equipment in the Philippines. With over 30 years of experience, well diversified quality products and internationally trained employees, ACEX has proudly become a leader in the industry. With its commitment to excellence, ACEX continues to provide premium items and innovative solution for its customer’s needs. ACEX is a registered, recognized and respected corporation in EGYPT with strong professional business relations with local and global partners. ACEX is globally recognized through its international partners from Asia, Europe and the USA. The company offers a diversified portfolio of high quality products only from brands we can trust.

ACEX takes pride in providing high caliber products, and more importantly high quality service. With its highly competent team of engineers and technical service staff, trained locally and abroad, customers are assured that ACEX offers nothing but the best service in the industry.

ACEX has strong presence in the following industries:

– Petrochemical Refineries and Depots
– Power Industries ( Steel & Iron, Cement)
– Chemical Industries
– Mineral Processing
– Food and Beverages
– General Industries

ACEX is involved in new major projects in EGYPT today in mineral processing plants, petrochemical refineries and power plants.

In ACEX, the most important asset is its people, the best partners are its customers and the best tools are the products and services only ACEX can offer.

Our Vision, Mission, Core Values

ACEX is an empowered team of experts with a passion for innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our vision is to be the leading world-class distributor of quality precision-engineered products and provider of unparalleled technical services.

ACEX is committed to being the number one solution-provider, with quality products and excellent technical expertise that our partners can rely on.

These values reflect what is really important to us. These are the foundations of our corporate culture, how we work as individuals and as a team.

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